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LUPITAAfter a success story from one of our own lupita Nyongo designers and aspirants have had hard times to sell themselves using the brand lupita nyonga. Everyone seems to be motivated by to chase their dreams. Lupita’s endless effort and persistent to her dreams proved that irrespective of your background or the society that brought you can steel make it. A local comedian is working on a comedy series where he takes a character of loo-peter thiongo. His real name is Peter thiongo but since he acts as a loo cleaner her friends nick-name him loo peter thiongo. On the other hand designers are showing their new designs on the brand lupita Nyongo. The designers work with a mind of making people feel beautiful, desirable and enigmatic. Designers understand that fassion changes every season and they use upcoming celebrities as well as the celebrities who have maintain being an icon in this world. Lupita has join the iconic figures of Hollywood such as katty perry Marriah Carey and Beyonce who have all been immortalize in a doll. As the designers like to express it you may not be chasing fashion but you can’t be indifferent because fashion is inherent in our culture and people are always impressed by those who know the test of the trendiest trend. This depends with what or models or celebrities are wearing it’s about our social status and good taste.

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