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In a heating discussion between Caroline Mutuko,  Chipukeezy and Linda Nyangweso, which explains why Kenyan industries has been unable to grow and prosper. Mutuko said that the main problem with Kenyan artist scarcity mentality. Ability to reason and be creative beyond ordinary people.  Most of the Kenyan artist make music for then wrong reasons. Kenyan Artist thinks by pouring a bucket full of hate his or her fellow celebrity because she is scared to praise them for their talent. Will diminish the praise that they get back. Some of the Kenyan Musician also enteres in the music industries with the mindset that this should earn them money instantly.

Kenyan musician should do it out of love “It really doesn’t make any sense why we treat politicians like prophets yet they are often all nothing but harbingers of doom and gloom! And when we have say Bahati, a humble talented lad climb out of poverty thanks to his art, we want to tear him down”. This explains why a lot of Kenyan when they do something outstanding instead of his fellow Kenyan Artist to praise him for the good job. Depression is anger at self pointed inwards hate is anger at self pointed outwards.

The key things our Kenyan musician needs to forcuss on in order to improve our music are.

  • Listen and learn to appreciate other peoples music
  • Focus and do a lot of practice
  • Learn more sound creation
  • Embrace critics
  • Collaborate with other best artist
  • Make music for the right reasons

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