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AGICCstill_JPGUhuru‬ trial  againist international crimina court update : The trial chamber hearing the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday held a status conference to discuss  and find solutions  on  Kenyan government’s response to the court’s order to produce President Uhuru Kenyatta’s financial records leading up to and during the PEV.

The Office of the Prosecutor accused the Kenyan government of obstruction saying it had not provided relevant evidence such as phone records and financial records and that the Kenya Government are not cooperating fully. Kenyatta’s defence meanwhile argued that phone records and financial records have been handed over to the ICC also the atorney general Githu Mwigai acuuses  the prosecutor for outsourcing othe. The court has again expressed its unwillingness to dismiss the case saying that the case still has the weight and justice needs to prevail. the Court also advises the prosecutor to meet with Uhuru Kenyatta Bank managers and see if she can be able to get some evidence.

the victims of post election violance fills that it is imposible for them to get citing the evidence of witness withdrawing them selves from the case and also coopperation of the Governement of Kenya towards ICC is very minimal. and also AU to push to give immunities to the president of the states.

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