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Two Kenyan fishermen are nursing serious injuries after Uganda soldiers allegedly set their boat on fire and left them to die. The two who survived the incident is identified as George Owuor and Ezekiel Onyango who are currently fighting for their Lives at local Hospital in Migori county.

A third victim drowned after jumping into Lake Victoria to escape the fire His Body is yet to be recovered. According to the survivors, they were set on fire as they took a nap after casting their fishing nets

The soldiers they claim doused them with the petrol and set them on fire before speeding off leaving them for Dead. The Government has neglected our people we are at the mercy of Uganda Forces who not only steal from us but also beat up our people. This is pirates sailing with Big guns said, Joshua. The deputy county commissioner is aware of the incidence and he has confirmed that the Government has launched investigations.

Sare Beach Management Chairman William Abonyo said that “Kenya fisherman have been going through Hell in Lake Victoria, the current incident is not an isolated incident. Kenya Fishermen are at the mercies of Foreign Forces our police are not allowed to patrol up to where the incident took place. Because Geographically that territory does not belong to Kenya. At times Kenyan Fishermen get hijacked and beaten.

The Government has promised to increase more police in Areas around Lake Victoria and inside the Waters  but the locals feel that Fishermen can only be protected if our borders in Lake Victoria are protected By KDF or GSU in order to counter any  attacks  to Kenyan Fishermen

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