How bitcoin mixing usefulness Tanzania Managed Covid-19

On July 11, 2020 by admin

1. By not releasing official Covid-19 figures
Tanzania government has not been releasing any data on infections or deaths. When Asked president John Magufuli said releasing the figures was causing unnecessary panic. The last official figures released by Tanzania Authorities was in May 2020, and the total number of positive cases was 509 and 21 death cases.

2. Controlling Media
Tanzania has always had very repressive laws against freedom of expression and the press. these laws being used in a more intensive way to target those who are speaking out, especially about Covid-19. Citizens of Tanzania are scared to share any information relating to covid- 19 on social media. Human rights activists say health workers are afraid to share any information about the extent of Covid-19 crisis.
Countries bordering Tanzania as well as international health organizations have expressed concerns that downplaying the epidemic there could adversely impact the wider region.

3. Prioritizing Economic growth over Covid-19 Pandemic management
Tanzania government says it is concerned about the economic impact of a lockdown and its effect on its vital tourism industry. Tanzania economic update projects gross domestic product (GDP) growth to slow sharply to 2.5% in 2020 due to the pandemic. Tanzania had a fiscal deficit of only 2.9% of GDP in 2019, compared with an average of 6% for the East Africa Community. President Magufuli posted in his twitter handle “Today, the World Bank has declared Tanzania Middle Income Country. In this regard, I congratulate all my compatriots for this historic achievement. We had envisaged achieving this status by 2025 but, with strong determination, this has been possible in 2020. GOD BLESS TANZANIA.”

4. Discrediting the test kits being used to test Covid-19
Tanzania President Hon Magufuli has discredited the test kit being used. Saying that they have taken samples from fruits, Sheep and Goat and the test came out positive. The president went ahead and took several non-human samples, including from pawpaw, a goat and a sheep, and assigned them human names and ages. These samples were submitted to the Tanzania laboratories with lab technicians kept in the dark on the origin of the sample. President magufuli agues some people were being tested positive when, in fact, they were not infected by the coronavirus.

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