Protocols for Opening schools during COVID 19 pandemic

On July 15, 2020 by admin

The Education sector is highly affected as millions of learners stay at home for an unspecified period following closure of learning institutions in many countries. School provides essential learning and when school close, children and youth are deprived opportunities for growth and development in nurturing their competences.
Opening school protocol outlines interventions that will enhance prevention. Of the spread of coronavirus and response to educational needs during and after COVID-19 crisis.
Objectives of the COVID-19 protocol plan
• Prevent the spread of COVID-19 and provide access to quality equitable education
• Provide psychosocial support to learner’s teachers and administrative staff.
• Develop and implement intervention programs for marginalized and vulnerable learners.
• Strengthen the capacity of human resources component for effective and efficient response to the COVID-19 and post coronavirus.
Proposed protocols to follow
• Creation of Automatic temperature and disinfectant booth at the entranced of the school
One of the measures is ensuring all entrance are fitted with Automatic thermal body temperature and Disinfectant booth. This help in detecting people with COVID-19 symptoms.
• Filling of medical questionnaires
The institution to develop medical questionnaire eg history of your previous whereabouts whether you were in COVID -19 hotspot area if you have any fever or experience any symptoms of COVID-19.
• Install automatic washbasins or pedestal washbasins around the school.
It’s very important to consider hygiene at the place of work and in the learning institution. One of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19 is to wash hands regularly. This can be achieved by the installation of automatic hand wash taps.
• Floor makings on the classrooms and dining halls
You will need to mark the classroom floors at least 2square meter boxes this is to enable the students to keep social distance even when in classrooms.
• Frequent disinfecting of classrooms
After every lesson its important to disinfect the classroom using a fog machine. This is to minimize the spread of COVID-19
• Use of appropriate PPE’S
The correct PPE’S are disposable gloves, face masks/ face shield and Isolation gown if possible.
• Avoid or minimize games that require the student to be in contact with each other
Social distancing should be practice even during physical exercises. If the students have to play sanitize their playing kits and ensure the games being played promote social distance.

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