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professor jayRecently in 2015 Tanzania elections professor j who was commonly known for his Bongo hit zali za la mentali was elected as a member of parliament for Mikumi constituency.
Professor J (Joseph Haule) was born in 29th December 1975 in a Constituency called Makumi. Professor jay has been making moves not only in music industries but also as an activist towards Tanzania social challenges such as HIV /AIDS, wealth, inequality and political corruption.
Most other entertainers who have run for office have done so when their Acting or Singing careers were in eclipse. Hence desperate needs increase their revenue. But for professor J it was passion for change.
Professor J was tired of Corruption in and inequality in Political Arena. Professor J brought clear strengths to the electoral process. He is well-known and generates a lot of media coverage. He is excellent at supporting humanitarian conditions. He is an effective communicator and shrewd about self-presentation.
Celebrities can sidestep personal Challenges as long as they are honest about past mistakes and adept at sidestepping controversy. Voters generally are willing to tolerate past mistakes from celebrities that they might not from conventional politicians. Unlike most Celebrity Professor J has minimal or No scandals so his rivals in political world dint have much to attack him with.
The ultimate question of Professor Jay is what kind of office-holder he will be. Do celebrities make for effective governors, Senators, and representatives? What office? What determines how successful he will be in the governing process?

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